Vibration in your life – Positive and Negative

You must have heard a lot about vibrations nowadays – what are these vibrations? Vibrations of a person, place or an object is what one feels on seeing it. A place has positive vibration when you feel good on seeing it, a person has positive vibration when you feel good by being with him/her or if you see anything and it excites you – it has positive vibrations. The exact opposite to this has Negative Vibrations. I read somewhere – according to the Quantum theory, when an atom is broken to its millionth part, it appears to be a vibration, which means solids have denser vibration than liquids and gases. With this theory in place – it can safely be concluded that everything around you has a vibration that determines your well-being as you are constantly receiving these vibrations from the objects, people and different colours in your surroundings. Vastu helps to harmonize these vibrations and makes your premises more vibrant and positive. There are occasions when you might feel that there is nothing positive or vibrant in your immediate surroundings. Always remember these are passing phases that shall soon be over. However to nullify the ill effects of such phases while they lasts – Vastu recommends to lay a copper strip across your entrance and exit door. This controls the flow of energy that reverses the reaction and you shall start feeling rejuvenated.

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