Vastu is the ancient Indian science of Space Planning, Architecture and Buildings that is important for any human being to live a harmonious personal and professional life. Be it health or studies or work or relationships Vastu helps us maintain the harmonious balance needed to live life peacefully and with prosperity.

At BRG we have a Team of professionals that help you achieve harmony and prosperity in life that we promise. With years of professional experience behind us we take care of all the important details as per the science of Vastu be it a residential or commercial site. The services that we provide are:

  • We help you in buying a new property be it a plot, flat, shop, office, showroom, school, banquet hall, farm house etc.
  • We develop a design for an existing property as per the principles of Vastu. Decision of rooms and other important components of design are done as per the principles of Vastu.
  • We help you take decision of furniture planning, colour on walls, choice of materials and other components of Interior or Micro Vastu are done by adhering strictly to the principles.
  • We give remedies as per Vastu for the finished properties where structural changes are not possible at all.