The White Dot Indicates Hope

Last few years have been a period of change for most people working in organizations. Layoffs, job transfers and cost cuts have been the norm globally and even in India. How Feng Shui helps you cope with this change. The Yin Yang diagram may help you to accept what is happening in your life. If you have lost your job or have been asked to leave you are in the black stage of the cycle where there is apparently no solution in sight. Yet the white dot indicates that already some changes are occurring that will bring in fresh opportunities and benefits in your life. After completing a cycle the light will again come back into your life. For some the metaphor of letting yourself float as if in moving waters will be apt. a transition or change from the accepted pattern or rather the pattern that one is used to is not necessarily bad. Further fill your personal space whether at work or at home with invigorating colours and crystal to enhance your optimism back into your life.

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