Kitchen should be in the South East

Just like toilet in the North East corner of the house creates innumerable hardships, a kitchen in this corner affects the health of the occupants especially when the gas burner happens to be in the extreme corner of the kitchen. House where the principal directions are in corners then the kitchen along the North East wall shall have the same effect. As a first option the traditional school of Vastu would recommend shifting the kitchen to the South East quadrant wherein resides the element of fire. Simple as it may sound this is an impractical suggestion for those living in rented accommodation and even otherwise it would be an expensive proposition. In order to retain the kitchen where it is located – the modern school of Vastu recommends to harness the fire element in the house by either burning a candle in the South East corner of the house or lighting a lamp, secondly avoid using black colour in the kitchens, no matter what the location you must have a hint of red colour near the cooking area in the form of flowers, tiles, posters or a sticker.

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