Keep a Ganesha Idol to Protect You in Office

To enhance your career Vastu recommends to keep plants towards the east of your room, light a candle or a table lamp towards the south, placing an aquarium towards the north is ideal but if it is not practical then a large painting of water fall or a river (running water) would do and towards the west keep your computer even your telephone and you fax machine. Make sure you do not sit with your back towards a window; your chair is not exactly in front of the door. Sitting under a beam must be avoided at any cost as this will subject you to endless problems and even give headaches. Try and avoid sitting with your back towards any opening – should it be unavoidable place a mirror in front to reflect any person walking into your cabin. Your desk should be so placed that no cutting edge or protruding corner points towards you as this depletes vital prana from your work place and lethargy always sets in. Covering the edge or the corner with natural plants proves to be very beneficial. Hang a painting of mountain, high rise buildings or Ganesha behind your back to engulf you in a protection box which safeguards against office politics. Finally, there is no substitute to smart work.

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