Since its inception in 2003, the Interior Design Studio BRG retains its primary objective: To create unique and unforgettable world-class interiors, which are not only beautiful, but also ensure you live with joy and harmony.

We combine knowledge, technology & tradition and transform them into extraordinary works of residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional interior design. We always aim to combine functionality with beautiful timeless design-We create space for real people. We are in the process of changing the common man’s view of the established design process and try to make our interiors enriched with life to the last detail with unique artistic and technical works – whether it is a reconstruction of a small residential project or interior design of a big company premises.

We are always eager to accept a variety of customer requirements – whether it is a minimalist, organic or rustic style. Our scope includes the complete interior designing process with a focus on architectural design space, original furniture, lighting selection, accessories and materials to the realization of the best quality interior that our esteemed clients deserve.

BRG has large number of completed projects and has a team of most experienced interior designers in the country.