Home Sweet Home – With Feng Shui

Often there is a question asked – “what’s a home with good feng shui?”

The answer is a home with a soul. A house with graceful walls, excellent flooring and a spacious feel, free of clutter and excess belongings, perhaps the physical description. Yet the house is more. You have a place to convert into haven, a refuge from the pressures of everyday functioning. A restful abode where you can go and inhale the fragrance of comfort. A place for serenity and solitude, for laughter and happiness. Of days and nights spent cherishing moments with those you care about. A hangout for friends, for boisterous laughter, for celebrations and joyful moments. A nook for carrying out family traditions and customs. A junction for relating to those who have brought you into this world and those who give you reason to live. A heritage that you will hand over to your next generation and the ones who will come after. A home which emanates the fragrance of your bring.

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