Environment of Your House Depends on Its Layout

Can Vastu be used to make predictions? Yes, it can. As in palmistry the lines in your palms indicate what’s in store for you, similarly the lines of your house layout plan reflect the present and the future. This branch of the subject is called Predictive Vastu. The only difference being that in palmistry one can predict an approximate time for the happening of an event, whereas in Vastu we can predict what is likely to happen but when it would happen is difficult to say. The analysis of the past events is relatively easier both in palmistry and Vastu. The character lines such as thick and thin, deep and soft, straight or knotty, find an analogy in the walls of the house. The various mounds on your palm are akin to the quadrants of the house. Like each mound reflects your inert character so do the levels in exact quadrant speak of the vibrations inside the house. It is said that if you are an extremely strong willed person, you can change your fate or lifeline. Similarly, a strong man can alter the vibrations of the house for better or for worse, depending on the direction of his room.

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